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The FatRat, also known as Christian Büttner, is an electronic music producer hailing from Göttingen, Germany. Büttner got his start at the young age of four when he decided to learn the flute; by the age of six he was already moving on to his second instrument, the piano. This was just the very beginning for the German producer, who was dubbed by Billboard as creating “wildly energetic and genre-bending electro.”

In 2001 he launched his career as a composer/producer creating music for advertising, television, and radio, along with other outlets. In 2011 he began releasing remixes that quickly gained traction using the pseudonym The FatRat, which he describes as “ze german disco brazza in da glitchy electro house.” His remixes of famous artists such as Avicii and Foster the People had him topping the Hype Machine Charts within a couple weeks, and three of his self-released singles remained in the US iTunes Dance Charts for over a year.

He’s now accumulated almost two million followers on Youtube, over one million monthly listeners on Spotify, and even higher listening rates with hundreds of millions of plays on his Youtube channel alone. In 2015 his original track “Infinite Power!” became the official soundtrack for the wildly popular video game Rock League. Additionally, The FatRat recently signed his first international record deal with Republic/Universal and released his latest single “Fly Away,” this past summer.

Though he’s reached astonishing levels of success, he still remains one of the most open-minded and approachable artists. After making a bold choice to allow YouTube creators to use his music free of any copyright restrictions, his music spread farther than one could have imagined. He continues to engage fans in unique ways, even using a fan-created design as his logo. Every single question asked through social media channels such as Facebook or Reddit, The FatRat answers himself. His progressive approach has fostered an ever-growing community of support.